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  • One listing submission
  • Any listing type
  • 90 days expiration
  • Usable for claiming

Bronze Membership


  • Associate level, best for Non-Lincolnville business, who do not want an ad in Map and Guide
  • Informational and associate package allows meeting attendance to stay up to speed of Lincolnville happenings and news. Access to the Lincolnville Google Group is given.
  • Business listing in Lincolnville Map and Guide.
  • Member may serve on committee but not as a chairperson, not eligible for office seat, non-voting rights.
  • Join us at meetings, collaboration and lunch!

Platinum Membership


  • Hold office and chair on a committee. Voting rights are available to you at this level if your business is in Lincolnville.
  • 1/2-page ad in Lincolnville Map and Guide and business listing (Eligible for full page upgrade, please contact Megan Sexton for availability 207-322-7554)
  • Presence on the LBG Facebook page, google groups, and LBG website
  • Join us at meetings, collaboration and lunch!

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